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'm dick carter. >>> celebrating the fourth under a watchful eye. baltimore city police wife up patrols. no sneak has more on how the night went. >> reporter: most of the crowds are already gone. not too long ago, these walkways were packed with people, and among them were a love of baltimore city police officer. their job was to keep things safe and they seem to have done that. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of eyes fixated on the sky over the inner harbor as fireworks lit up the night. >> that was a big one. >> my little kids love watching it. it make mess happy to see them happy. >> reporter: the massive crowds only adding to the excitement and patriotic energy of the show. but mixed in with the clutches of people were hundreds of baltimore city police officers. their job was to keep this celebration violence free. last year, several fights broke out and a 4-year-old was hit by a stray bullet. >> reporter: the security started with these new barriers. >> reporter: all police officer are now in uniform to make sure their presence is known. >> we have the ground forces, and earl su
mentioned, we have a heat advisory in effect for all those orange shaded counties, including baltimore city that just went into effect at noon, stays with us until 8 p.m. on the shore where you see the red colors that's an excessive heat warning that goes into effect on saturday. we're expecting these temperatures to continue to rise. for more we sent it to marty bass. >> reporter: good afternoon. i want to show you a graphic that -- just to be honest all the cards face up on the table i think we're being conservative in our heat index numbers. i'm going to give you a for example. today we're talking about 98 with a heat index of 103. well, we're at 94 now with the heat index of 101. we're looking at 5 to 7 degrees bump up in the feel of the moment. so the 103 and 103 today and tomorrow at 98 may be too low. what if we have to put a 7 degree on saturday's 103, 110 heat index. sunday 95 with still 100 to maybe 102 heat index. right there we're showing you the low ended. the high end -- the low end. the high end could be significantly more uncomfortable. we get into another difficulty. how ar
also a lot of baltimore city police officers. their job was to keep people safe and they seem to have done that. >> fire works. >> hundred s of thousands of eyes if i can ated on the -- fixated on the sky over the inner harbor as fire works lit up this night this independence day. >> that was a big one. >> when i see my little kids watching it, it brings back memory. to see them happy makes me happy. >> the massive have crowds only adding to the -- massive crowds are only adding to the excitement. mixed in with the clusters of people were hundreds of baltimore city police officers. their job was to keep this celebration violence free. last year's 4th of july saw a man stabbed to death and a 4-year-old hit by a stray bullet. >> they are using different tactics to keep things safe. police are using a new way to deploy officers. all are in uniform to make sure their presence is known. wsz -- we not only have the ground forces, but aerial support. >> they took what happened last year very seriously. >> for many 4th of july at the inner harbor is a family tradition. although previouses v
of the hoose and cooling the end of the roland park parade, baltimore city firefighters pn five days.tte annual power meaning this year.special lisa ddvis: 1.29.43 "it's like camping in your own house. (laughter) i'm hoping it comes on soon."clive williims: 1.20.26 "not ideal, ut ttere &pyou go. there are a lot worst things in life." life."firefighters hut off pheevalves at 11:30.some people in tte roland park rea are being told it could be before thhir power willlbe pestored. b-g-e crews are continuing tt working overtime... to restore powerrto thoosands of customees. ccnter havv been workinn b-g-e cclled ii a eam of 38-. hundred people... including states.each are assigned to various sttrm roles.... many of them working 12 hours shifts. herees a look at the latestt power outage numbers at this hour:aacording to b-g-e'' city... bbltimore county... carroll county... howard coonty.... todaa marks the one year anniversary of the ddy casey anthony was acquitted in thh death of her daughter. daughter.aa to the charge f the jury find the defendant guiltylast
ahead. >>> looking forward to that. also new this morning firefighters in baltimore city were busy overnight two. two separate two alarm fires and video to show you. one affecting a historic site. came awfully close to the gas station. also this morning, a lifeguard fired for doing his job. what he did now has got other lifeguards calling him away from the scene. that story a lot of you talking about on facebook this morning. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. alongside mike masco. megan is out live this morning. >> she looks hot out there too. >> it's warm. >> but megan always looks great. >> you said it not me. >> i knew you'd run with that. >> you know we are right there. right there. >> another story by the way we're going to put on the facebook about the san diego fireworks last night. a whole 20 seconds of -- >> big bang rocket goes off. before i ever started. >> that's a good story. 79 degrees charlie. we're starting off very, very muggy and mild. take a look. and maryland's most powerful radar showing a few of the scattered showers and storms out near deep creek.
're on lake charles -- lake charles and -- lake avenue in the city. baltimore city has more than 14,000 people still without power. this road behind me is closed down because a few blocks down you have a number of downed trees sitting on power lines. i talked to some staff by patrols. their job is to make sure nobody comes down this road. they will babysit this area until crews come down here to clean up the maess. the number of power outages continues to shrink daily. for those without power, that number is not soon enough. 56,000 customers are still in the dark. one community in baltimore county, residents have had a hard time adjusting to no electricity or know how water. they said is been so frustrating. myi'm having to go to niece's house to shampoo my hair. i'm going to charge my phone over there. i'm going to use her computer for a few minutes to see what has been going on on my computer. i'm running out of batteries. >> b.g.e. tells us they will continue to work through putting up the power and they expect to have resolved hopefully by this weekend. live in baltimore, nadia ramdass, wb
, baltimore city firefighters offered refuge to kids and parents who haven't had power in five days.the annual tradition took on special &pmeaning this year. lisa davis: 1.29.43 "it's like caaping in your own house. (laughter) i'm hoping it comes on soon."clive williams: 1.20.26 "not ideal, but there you go. there are a lot worst things in liie." firefighters shut off the valves att11:300ssme people in of four days before their power will be restored. as we mentioned... thousands almost a week after the storm. hhre's a look at the latest num. numbers.accorddng to b-g-e's website... total...anne prundel county...baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... howard county... b-g-e crews are working powee to ttousands of customers.crews at the command center ave been working round the clock since friday.b-g-e hass alled in a team of 38- hundred people.. including reiiforcments from otherr parious storm roles.... many of them working 12 hours shifts. "iq: you think about it, they literally hit the rack.... oq: to have those types of hours." hourr."b-g-e expects to work throughoot the w
- thousand customers in baltimore city without power.more than 19- thousand in baltimoree county... and n anne arrndel countt... more than 44- hundred.ssnce the storm begann bge has restoreddpower to more from bout half a millioo customers without power at the height of llst friday's storms ... to about ????? at this time of day ...bge is making progress. but that hasn't ptopped criticism of the recovery effoor ... for thhs week's take action thursday, rob gould with bge joinn us. us. 3 3&p--burying wires underground. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 a soutt african man will represent his country in track duringgthe upcoming london he will accomplish this feet... without legs. 3 --adblib weather tz-- notes are flying high in worrd's best harmonnzing groups are competing for the title of "world's best barbershop quartet." quartet."quartet nats naas wednesddy... to hear the harmonies that the singers pave been working hard all yyar to them... it's like preparing for a competitive sport. code red weather warnings, huuid and hot temperatures... when will e see a cool down?chief met
and cooling the end of the roland park parade, baltimore city firefighters offered refuge to kids and parents who haven't had power in five days.the annual traditionntook n special meaning this year. 3 "it's like camping in our own house. (laughter) i'm hooing t comes on soon." soon." "not ideal, buu there things in life."e a lot worst - life."firrfighters shht off the valves at 11:30.some are being tood it could e rea before their power wiil be restored. &p3as we mentioned... thousands are stilllwithout powee... almost a week afterrthh storm. here's a look at the latest num. numbers.according to b-g-e's city... baltimore county... carroll couuty... howard b-g-e crews are working overtime to try and restore power to thousands of customers. customers.crews at the command center have beennworking round has called in a team of 38- hundred people.. including reinforcments from othhr states. each are assigned to various storm roles.... many of them worring 12 hours shifts. "iq: you think about it, they literally hit the rack.... oq: to have those types of ours." hours." b-g-e ex
,000. they are still without power. and much need air-conditioning. most of the people are in baltimore city and in baltimore county. they are the biggest numbers without the power this morning. >>> our outage in d.c. left some riders hiking. take a look at the i video coming in. the green line train lost power monday after waiting in a hot car for another train to come rescue them for about 30 minutes the driver told passengers the rescue train lost power too. that's when people got out of the cars and started walking in the 90-degree heat. the passengers walking to the college park station and people there were concerned that the pregnant and elderly passengers they may be at risk but everyone arrived safely hat college park station. >>> meanwhile in joplin and tuscaloosa some of them are getting new homes. nine homes will be unveiled tomorrow and five in joplin, missouri and four in tuscaloosa, alabama. you'll recall both of those cities affected by major tornadoes last year. >>> news around the nation at least three florida lifeguards are now looking for new jobs after rescuing a drownin
at the updated numbers. baltimore county still has it the worst with nearly 20,000 out. baltimore city, howard county and anne arundel county are also hit hard. in total, about 44,000 bge customers are without power right now. >> well, here's more frustrating news for those in the dark. this heat is growing more intense. emergency rooms are starting to fill up with patients who are dehydrated or worse. monique griego has late word on moredeaths linked to this receipt heat wave. >> reporter: another day under a vicious sun, as triple-digit temperatures bear down on baltimore. >> the humidity has made it unbearable. doesn't matter if you're in the shade or in the sun. >> i'm sweating water now. i feel like a walking river right now. >> reporter: people sweating it out in the city, try to refuel, create their own shade, or simply ditch a few layers in an effort to stay cool. >> it's horrible. hot and sweaty is not a good feeling. >> on the way to keep cool. umbrella, fans and water. >> reporter: but when it's in hot, the weather isn't just uncomfortable. it can be dangerous. >> we definitely see
. >>> here we are in baltimore city. temperature right now at 101 as we approach 6:15 on this july night. wyatt will be back with a look at the forecast. listen, if you're sitting down, do yourself a favor, stand up for this next story. abc2 news health reporter talks about why some doctors are taking a stand against sitting. >> reporter: lisa has always tried to live healthy but life often gets in the way. like so many of us as soon as she gets up, lisa finds herself sitting back down. >> i sit all day at the office, commute to and from work. with a 2-year-old i have less time to get formal workouts. >> reporter: lisa has found a more envelope at way to -- informal way to workout. in the corner of her office she has a treadmill desk. >> we're sitting more and more and more. the average person has gone from standing 90% to standing 35%. >> reporter: a doctor from ohio state said the simple act of sitting is leading to complications. >> it increases your risk of heart disease by 33. >>> inso you lynn works 40% less. that means more and more fat gets put into the body. >> reporter: those w
of which have been in baltimore city. and that danger is why doctors are telling people to stay out of the sun or find a cool place to cool off. >> reporter: another day under a vicious sun, as triple digit temperatures bear down on baltimore. >> the humidity has made it unbearable. doesn't matter if you're in the shade or in the sun. >> i'm sweating water now. i feel like a walking river right now. >> reporter: people sweating it out in the city. try to refuel. create their own shade, or simply ditch a few layers in an effort to stay cool. >> it's horrible. because it's so hot and sweaty. and it's just the noad -- not a good feeling. >> keeping cool with umbrella, water. >> reporter: but when it's this hot, the weather isn't just uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. >> we definitely see a lot more people coming in who are dehydrated. they're not anticipating it. >> reporter: dr. michael witting works in the e.r.a. the -- e.r., the maryland medical center. he says people come in dehydrated, confused and weak. but it can get worse. >> the heat has been blamed for eight deaths in
through rush-hour tomorrow morning. state highway crews will prepare the road. baltimore city police that a shutdown and suspected drug house and self baltimore. investigators say detectives executed search warrant at the home on orlin road which they say netted illegal narcotics, weapons, and $11,000 in cash, and led to the rest of 25-year- old charles wilson. he is facing drug and weapons charges. we are told a tip from the community led to the bust. a shortage of critical prescription drugs has been a serious problem for hospitals and health care for bottles for several years. investigators say records show a pharmacy in north carolina was buying drugs and selling them, often on the same day, to a wholesaler owned by the same person. regulators contend that wholesaler was selling the drugs again at higher prices. there is no evidence that the former she was ever filling prescriptions. >> this is simply about greed. people wanting to make a quick buck at the expense of sick american people. it is definitely making the shortages worse and also driving up the prices. >> another reaso
are working to determine what sparked two separate night fires in baltimore city. the latest happen at the 4600 block of liberty heights ave. fire shot through the roof of the old ambassador movie theater. about an hour earlier, crews responded to the 400 block of robert street in north baltimore. there, crews found heavy fire in two-story row houses. president obama kicks off a bus tour through a key swing states as he swings into full campaign mode after the july 4 holiday t. hallie jackson has our commitment 2012 report. >> president obama will head to ohio today and pennsylvania tomorrow. don't expect it romney's camp to let the democrats still the spotlight. mitt romney greeted voters on independence day in new hampshire. he is there on vacation with his family. but his supporters will be on the campaign trail this week. president obama gets ready to leave the d.c. and head out. >> this is barack obama's first bus tour of the 2012 campaign. >> he will defend his economic policies and bailout of automakers. the president will push the same message on the road as he is pushing on
baltimore city firefighters -& parentt who haven't had power pradition took on special 3 "it's like camping in your own house. (laughter) i'm hoping it comesson soon." soon." "not ideal, buu there you go..there re a lot worstt things in life." life."firefighterr shut off the alves at 11130.some are being told it could be another thhee of four days before their power will be restored. righttnow, more thann70 -ttousand peopleeare still without power.... 3 crews at the b-g-e command centee have been workiig round has called in aateam of 38- hundred people.. including reenforcmenns from other states. each areeassigned to various storm roles.... many shifts. "iq: you think about it, theyy literally hit the rack.... oqq hours." b-g-e exppcts to work throughout the eek and into the wwekend. so, far they've rrstored service to more than half a miilion customers. pain.. as firefighters climb -3 over a truck to his rescue... the victim of a runaway vehicle. a green piikup slammed into the sea pride craa house at monroe and pratt at about 2 o'ccock toddy. the truck struck a man standing at the
, about 45,000 bge customers are without power. baltimore city, baltimore county, still the hardest hit areas. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage all summer long. for the updated forecast and a look at live doppler radar, log onto >>> the body of a man believed to be a missing jet skier is recovered in baltimore county. 47-year-old harry gillis was last seen early tuesday in essex. that afternoon, his jet ski was found drifting with the keys in the ignition. the coast guard searched a six- mile stretch of back river wednesday. last evening a body washed up near a dock. an autopsy will confirm the identity of the man and how he died. >>> the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed an unarmed florida teenager, could go free. a judge granted zimmerman bail for a second time. randall pinkston reports for wjz from new york. >> reporter: a judge set bail for george zimmerman at $1 million. that's a lot more than the $150,000 bond he was released on in april. but the judge revoked that bond last month, after prosecutors said zimmerman and his wife misled the court about
,000 in baltimore city and no power means no air-conditioning and with the heat it is downright miserable. megan pringle is out live at one neighborhood in baltimore county and we're being told now the power isn't coming back on until late into the weekend but some people they've got their power back megan? >> reporter: some people woke up with power this morning charlie. now if you walk around the naked you can see a lot of scars from the deadly storms that happened last week. for example take a look at this tree. you can see -- it fell on this fence. felt on some power lines and that's the problem for this neighborhood. that's why a lot of people don't have power yet but take a look. crews are working on it. you can see that's ron up there with bge, he's been on the job for a couple of years and says -- [ indiscernible ] 16 hour shifts and as you know, it's hot. so it's not only hot for the crews working out here but also for the people who don't have power. and i know that people who don't have power -- [ indiscernible ] >> all right, we've got some technical problems there with peg began and
power at this hour. most of them are in baltimore county and also baltimore city. >>> breaking news into the abc2 newsroom. police tell us a child was found unresponsive in a brooklyn park pool. they received a 9 11 call about an hour ago for reports of a child who had possibly drowned. the child was taken to harbor hospital with serious and life- threatening injuries. police are still investigating where the -- and we will update you when we learn something new about this. >>> new tonight city police are celebrating a big bust in a south baltimore. it happened yesterday. see the stuff behind me is what they seeed. a traffic stop and word on the street helped to track down the guy charles wilson. a suspected drug dealer. he will be charged with weapon possession and trafficking and this is why. they found all this in his house. more than 11,000 dollars, a police radio scanner and police rain jacket and weapons and three dirt bikes and drugs. >>> this may be worse than having your lights go off a brush fire in queen anne's county in a wheat field. firefighters decided to let it burn
. but overnight baltimore city police hard at work on two separate two alarm fires in the city. both of them right around midnight. the first called in at 11:30. the second called in at the stroke after 12:00. and abc2 news' sherrie johnson has more on the fire at one of historic sites got a number of people worried. >> reporter: that's right charlie you know we have all new reaction and video this morning for you. abc2 news was the first on the scene in the overnight fire in northwest baltimore inside the old ambassador theatre. this is what the scene looked lightning a little before 1:00 this morning. here on liberty heights avenue. authorities say the fire broke out around midnight and now investigators have not sure -- are not sure what caused the fire exactly but crews had it under control in about 30 minutes. the ambassador theatre hear not been movie theater since 1968 and served as a church in recent years and also the sister theater of the theater if baltimore. it sits next to a gas station and had some witnesses nearby concerned after they saw flames shooting from the building. >> it was
.according to thier websste... total...anne arundel county...baltimorr city... baltimore counny... carroll county... howard county.... (áááánats up full: "awwww, pwwww......áááá) a man screams in pain after being pinned under a truck... that ran into ressaurant in south baltimore.the green pickup truck slammed intt the sea pride crab house at monrre and pratt street wednessay aaternnon. the crash frighteneddemployees, including one woman who was standing at the register with a co-worker. she says the truck was coming straight &ptoward er. (sipes) "he was standing beside me ooe second and the next econd, he was gone. so, i thought he was the one that landed under the truck. but luckily, he went in the back. so, everybody made it out except for that man...." man...."" witnesses say the driver appeared dazed.. and they ssy several beer cans fell from inside tte truck. the river is in police custody. investigaaors say e faces seeeral charges, including a possible d-u-i charge. meanwhile, we're told the victim is in good conditiin at ssock traama this morniig.
power. most of them are on the north side of baltimore city as well as towson and owe wigs mills -- owings mills. andrea? >>> right now, we focus on the district and efforts to get peak power back and cleanup after the storm. joining us is muri al buzzer. you are probably still getting complaints. >> absolutely. we have still people with very hot homes and downed trees. many people have completely left their homes since last friday. we know we're now to the areas where a couple of houses are on a block or several blocks. we have one area near 18th and quincy street where we have about 24 homes continuously out. so we know they are getting to them. people are hot and frustrated. >> people who are frustrated call their representatives. i was one of those frustrated who called you. what can you actually do for residents, especially seniors or the disabled who we've heard on television talking about they can't get out, they are hot. can you get them ice? do you have money to get them battery-powered fans? what can you do? >> we make sure nobody's being forgotten in my ward. we give
custommes are out of power in baltimore city the lack of power... combined with today's heat......seemed to make aaternoon ccokouts even otter.fox45's paul gessler hows us how some peoole celebrated he fourth: innthe dark-- and in the heet. &p "the parade and he firework pre catonsville's day in the sun."no fiiewwrks in the shortle's froot ard. yard. "hi there, phil!"the fire, literaaly, doeen't work. work. "we're nottgetting gaa... the tank is full."grilllproblems are pedestrian by this year's hooiday standards. standards. ""nn, i was without ppwer forr on)alas, reeief attthe end of the roland park paraae. paradd. "it's small ttwn america at its best." pest." "it's antastic. beautiful ddy!"a part of north baltimore hit hard... hard... house. it'' brutal."huse in our- brutal." "it's like camping n your wn houue. (laughter) i'm hoping t comes on soon." soon."""he fourth of julyy" jull fourth: thh fifth day withhut power for many. "not ideall but there you go. in ife." pife." "the fun part was running ttrough the waaer. thaa was the ffn paat." (sppashing, playing)when
stories this morning. baltimore city police say they amped shutdown a suspected drug house in baltimore. they found plenty of illegal narcotics, weapons, $11,000 in cash. a 25-rolled was arrested on drugs and weapons charges. let's check on the morning commute. here is kim dacey and traffic pulse 11. >> not looking too bad. a few smaller incidents to talk about. in cockeysville, we have the one in break causing problems on york road. one lane open in each direction there. you might want to avoid that area if you can. in harford county, the edgewood i. area, route 24 and edgewood road. a bit of a spectacle this morning. major roadways are looking ok. this is a live shot of the southwest corner of the beltway. things are moving fine on the inner and outer loop there. northbound and southbound should be moving fine. tony has a check of the forecast. >> we at thunderstorms last night. no worries about rain this morning 7 and 9 at the airport, 77 in randallstown. we are watching thunderstorms drop around the cleveland area. some of that may hit west of maryland. it will be another hot one. h
. the majority still in baltimore county. there are also more than 14,000 customers in baltimore city, 6,000 in ann arundel and more than 2,000 in howard county. >>> today a south baltimore drug dealer is behind bars. police got a warrant to search charles wilson's home. inside they found $11,000 in cash, a police scanner, weapons and some illegal drugs. wilson now faces drug and drug trafficking charges. >>> a body recovered from the water in baltimore county may be that of a missing jet skier. yesterday the coast guard suspended its search for 47-year-old harry gillis after his unmanned jet ski washed up in the area on tuesday. the identity has not been confirmed. >>> despite concerns about large events will be held in the inner harbor the 4th of july fire works show went out without any major incidents. police boosted their presence and brought in help from surrounding documents and fenced off part of the harbor. 200,0 #00 -- 200,000 people were expected to be there. >>> stay tuned to wjz
in washington. 79 in baltimore. 79 in ocean city. yesterday morning the mountains were in the 60s. this morning, 70s in hagerstown, 73. 79 in winchester. heat advisory is back as of noon today through 8:00 tonight. we know this routine by now. will feel like 100 to 105. lots of water, bring in your pets. try to take it easy in the afternoon sun. get shade if you can, that kind of thing, as the heat will be dangerous later today. quiet now. did have thunderstorm activity last night. that has dissipated overnight. might be an isolated storm today. we have no mechanism, no cold front or anything to spur widespread thunderstorms. just a few isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. 101 in fredericksburg today. 100 in baltimore. we look forward to the weekend and early next week when we'll get some relief. let's do and traffic and julie has the latest. >> good morning. on the roads now, lighter than usual traffic volume. i got a feeling a lot of folks extended that holiday for a very long eastbound. southbound 270 easy inbound through germantown. the last couple of days we've been enjoying the hov rest
and figure out where wisdom was last night. eighty degrees in washington and reagan national at, in baltimore, 79 degrees; 82 naval air station; 81 ocean city and around the bay and temperatures are warm this morning. 71 out of dulles and more out of the city. the forecast, highs in the upper 90s to triple digits, 101 in fredericksburg; 91, washington. the heat advisory in effect at noon through 8:00 tonight and mix in humidity is going to feel like 105 around here and could be an isolated storm and most of the region, you will not see anything that is is not going to provide relief. >> a little bit -- . >> stickier j. a big show of lightening and wind again. >> right. >> we not expecting anything like friday night. >> thank you, tucker. >> just a lot of heat. >> and light check in with julie wright and traffic. things heating up out there? >> they are. we're getting busy. quickly, wisdom, my mom watches us online and welcome back, she missed you. >> tell her thank you very much. >> and you have to say i had to shelby. >> hi, shelby. it like shelby, not like a yankee. [ laughter ] >> hi, shel
, baltimore will be 98, with oppressive humidity there. also, dallas, indianapolis, kansas city and atlanta will all be in the upper 90s. what a rough start to summer, man. >> it's hot. >>> still ahead this morning, some stunning findings about that ship disaster off of italy's coast. >>> plus this morning, a damaging, new report about countrywide and its actions before the nation's foreclosure crisis. that's coming up in business news. >>> and that lifeguard mutiny in florida. think, no good deed goes unpunished. >>> welcome back, everybody. well, economists are crying, four more years. many experts believe that is how long unemployment will stay above 6%, whoever is elected president in november. the economists surveyed by the associated press expect the unemployment rates to be 8% come election day. and with 8.2% back in may. and we'll get the june figures tomorrow. >>> overseas investors are mostly on the sidelines, waiting for decisions by the european central bank. tokyo's nikkei average fell 24 points today. hong kong's hang seng was up 87 points. in london, the ftse opened lower. an
in the city. >> if you think it's hot outside, try flipping burgers inside a to drop. >> it is 100 out there, 120 in here. >> we caught up with the guys working out of the chow hounds in downtown baltimore and they told us is a constant battle to stay hydrated. >> it will be 3:00 soon. >> state health officials are very worried about the next couple of days, because they expected 100 or more degree temperatures. a warning to those who have to work outside, especially all of the utility workers trying to restore power. >> we are very concerned about the prolonged heat wave and its effect on a lot of the folks here in the mid-atlantic region. >> according to the national weather service, so far since april this year, 18 days of 90 degrees or more. and two days in june of 100 degrees in -- or more. and with those 100-degree days expected to double in the next couple of days, doctors are urging people to be where. >> do not be foolish. >> one doctor says the e.r. is starting to fill up with patients with heat-related illnesses, and said it is vital that people learn the sign of a heat stroke. >>
. >> new york city will hit 93, with lower humidity. baltimore and chicago could break records with temperatures close to 100. phoenix cooler than usual at 97. >>> phoenix and other cities in arizona and new mexico are bracing for the annual monsoon season. outside albuquerque, they placed sandbags in and around homes as a precaution. and the national guard is there as well. just in case. there is a big risk of flash floods after recent wildfires burned off all of the vegetation. >>> and now we turn to some holiday outings that turned to tragic freak accidents. a 10-year-old boy swimming in an eastern tennessee marina was electrocuted in the water, and another boy, he nearly died. the two were swimming between houseboats on cherokee lake in east tennessee. several other people were taken to the hospital. >>> in missouri two children there were electrocuted in lake of the ozarks after swimming off a private dock, the victims a 13-year-old girl and her 8-year-old brother. adults raced to shut off the electric current to the dock and rescue the kids. it was simply too late. >>> no
overnight with two two alarm fires in the city. we first told you about this at shortly before midnight. that first fire broke out inside a home on roberts street in west baltimore. that was reported around 11:30. now the second fire also a two alarm job started at the ambassador theater on liberty heights around midnight. investigators aren't exactly sure what started the fire. the ambassador you see video in from overnight. >>> anne arundel county police on the scene right now of the overnight drowning it happened in brock lynn park. once again in anne arundel county. and abc2's sherrie johnson is here with all new information. >> reporter: charlie i've been in contact with anne arundel county police this morning. we have confirmed a 4-year-old child has drowned at a pool at a home in brooklyn park in anne arundel county. we have all new video of the scene. police tylotes child was found unresponsive in the pool at the home at 601 old riverside road. the call came in around 10:00 last night and the child was taken to harbor hospital and police are still investigating this cas
that surround the connect -- and connect the cities here. so now the after image two days later. you can see the size and the density of the lights where they shrink around baltimore and washington. pretty amazing when you consider what happened. >>> on to other news, just in to cn, the key gauge of the housing market hits a new low now, but for once it could actually be a good thing, especially if you're looking to buy or refinance. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. alison, what is it? >> at a record low, 3.62%. it's a hit new low in the past 10, 11 weeks. i mentioned it's a good sign. it's actually a double-edged sword. mortgage rates obviously fall when the economy isn't doing well. the manufacturing sector is contracting. then you flip the coin over and it's actually a great time for people to buy a home when you see mortgage rates falling like this. but you have to remember, just because mortgage rates and home prices are low, don, it doesn't necessarily mean you can qualify for a loan. you know, banks are still very tight, very tight-fisted with giving out money, even to peo
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